About Us


PT. Master Segara Prima as a dredging company will provide customer with the cost effective solution service, quickly & accurate in all duty for dredging work
We present very good approach with all institution that giving service for custom, immigration, quarantine, port authority and other institution in arranging the permit documentation in Legal Management Office which is related with our activity.


As dredging – reclamation & shipping company which is have the dedication, we always to give the best service for our client. Our service is:
1.   Dredging Contractor
–    Dredging for reclamation
–    Dredging channel
–    Dredging basin of port
–    Dredging for maintenance

2.   Rental Equipment
–    Tug Boat MITRA PAWAN (500 HP)
–    Crane Barge TK. KHARISMA PAWAN (bucket capacity 6 – 8 m3)